RRPG Two-Cents: The Great Ace Attorney Heads West!

Hey there Hero-Club this is RRPG Reviews, and today I am presenting the newest installment in my RRPG Two-Cents series. Normally featured on my personal YouTube Channel, the series is about video editorials on various topics, mostly gaming news. Now, the subject for this video is something that I never thought would arrive on Western shores. However, it is actually coming to America and it will arrive in July, which is the Great Ace Attorney games!


Yes, both spin-offs from the Ace Attorney series are receiving an American release, but it is through a special combo pack. The games were originally released in 2015 and 2017 respectfully in Japan, as well as playable on most gaming platforms. Anyway, in this video I will briefly go over why I thought this duology could have been skipped. In addition, I will discuss elements and mechanics within the game for those unaware of their existence. Furthermore, I will give my opinions on what Capcom should do to make this compilation a success. Nevertheless, my two-cents on this topic are now available, so please sit back and enjoy what I have to say.


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