Ultraman Orb Episode 14 – Justice Out of Control Review

This episode of Ultraman Orb returns to the regular paced plots, as well as debuts a new kaiju. That new kaiju obviously being the hyped up, Galactron! Now, the only question to have about the episode though is if Gai’s newest form as Orb, Thunder Breaster will make another appearance or will he attempt to fight off the temptation of Belial’s power.


Naomi, Gai and Jetta attempt to record a commercial while Shin is at his side job as the Kofune Works, creating spring coils. There they are currently working on an order for VTOL, before heading out for lunch. Gai becomes interested in the yakisoba they’re having for lunch, that he seeks to learn how to cook it himself. His ultra-side proves to easily copy and mimics Shin’s boss style for making the food. They are however interrupted when weird mystical seals open up nearby releasing an inactive mecha-kaiju, which they name Galactron. The mecha stops some basic quarreling and also scans Naomi, while Shin and his co-worker begin to analyze the creature. VTOL shows up, making the situation a combined effort in understanding the mecha.

The group deduces that Galactron is from another dimension, and is using some type of sensor to scan earth. Later that night Shin’s boss tells the story of how Shin came to work at the spring factory via a school robotics fair. The next day Galactron awakens and kidnaps Naomi to use her as his envoy to the world, claiming that to provide justice to the world that it must be rebooted. Galactron then proceeds to destroy the nearby area, as the team figures out the other dimension dumped it into our’s to be rid of it. Gai goes to fight the mecha, but is no match for it in any of his early forms. The battle and episodes concludes with Orb being strangled as well as stabbed by Galactron…

My Thoughts:

This episode was rather calm and soothing for the most part, but that was until Galactron actually came to the conclusion to destroy the earth of course. I found its focus to be on Shin highly needed since several episodes have already assisted in developing Naomi and Jetta, as well as until now Shin fit the retro-scientist trope of knowing and being able to do anything from every scientific field. Luckily this episode focused on his true dream in robotics, specifically to build a robot for justice which was mentioned earlier in the Ragon episode, and was the catch-up sequence used for the introduction. Now, one thing I found odd was this episode did not just help to develop his character but to properly give Shin a back story, at least one that pertained to his love for robotics as well as attempted to introduce that he seemingly has a side job. When the episode revealed Shin’s past it showed that he either was not always a genius, or rather more was a smart kid who did not have much to invent stuff with, seeing that his original robot could not make the cut in his first robotics fair. It would also help to explain why most of his inventions look like they are created out of junk or refurbished items. I would have found this reveal of Shin’s more encouraging for the audience had there been an accompanying flashback sequence of him as kid failing his first, but seeking guidance from his would be future boss at spring factory.


Then as for the new mecha-kaiju, Galactron considerably one of the best exclusive kaiju for Orb thus far aside from Maga Orochi and is one that has had a lot of hype towards its debut. The monster has been promoted as seemingly as an ominous creature being either a force of good or evil which led several to believe it may be like Daijinryu from Dairanger, especially when the vinyl for the character has the highest price and measurements in the line. Once making its on screen debut though, its height and mass is seemingly regular to most kaiju seen in the franchise making one wonder the pricing of its figure. However, during its arrival to Earth it appears via several magical/alchemic seals making myself and others consider it to be mystical as well as technological, especially due to how it also summoned the seals during its attacks. Now, what was even more incredible about the mecha was that it was just as strong as Maga Orochi, being able to endure all of Orb’s attacks. Yet, Galactron would not entirely fight back against Orb seeing him not a threat, but attempting to fulfill his duty to protect the world until he had grown tired of the assault; which actually I found interesting that the programming found Orb originally as not a threat, it played off its odd sense of justice. Then when Galactron impaled Orb in the gut with the sword on its left arm I found the scene to be shocking and highly more graphic than Orb’s defeat by Orochi, it actually left me a little shook up and shouting ‘Oh My God!’ all because I did not expect the episode to end on this! It practically sums up that the next episode will have Gai rely on Thunder Breaster to subdue Galactron.

Now, this is the best way to come off of a clip-show episode and return to normal scheduled plots for episodes. Having Orb and the team facing off with a brand new kaiju that rivals Maga Orochi, and makes Gai question the need of Thunder Breaster. I only hope that in the next episode Gai is able to master the form, as well as save Galactron and allow Shin to reprogram it that it may be used as an ally for future episodes.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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