Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger episode 32 & 33 review

I really need to stop getting sick, these cube shows pile up. So, here is another double review for everyone!

Zyu 32 invoked the “bringing out the real thoughts” trope so everyone would hurt each others feelings thanks to the MOTW’s power (everyone but Leo, since is is always honest in what he says all the time). Sela gets called out for being an Ice Queen, Yamato gets called a hypocrite and Amu gets blasted for not being as sweet as she seems. This is along with everyone blasting Misao for being a depressive and overall being an annoyance.


Later, everyone feel as bad about what they said, more so towards Misao (who run off but is hiding within earshot), saying he’s awkward but a good friend in the end. Later the team gets blasted again by the MOTW and all five lay into Misao, though the power causes Tusk to also praise Misao (something he would never do normally). Misao takes all this and used it to get fired up, kicking some Monster butt. Monster goes boom, then the big mecha boom follows only to conclude with a goofy wrap-up.

Thoughts on 32:

Overall episode 32 wasn’t bad. It’s always good to see characters get called out when the dark side of their personalities are brought out. I personally enjoy how it affects the team, and allows them to come together as well as possibly better themselves for their own faults.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Now 33 was a Japanese Culture heavy episode focusing on Sumo. This is all due to Leo and Amu coming across the sport, then needing to learn about it when a Sumo-themed MOTW seemingly attacks… What a coincidence?! The episode also provides an excellent run down on the sport, explaining the rules and ranks one can achieve.


Now, this also due to the fact that the other Zyuohgers lose to the monster causing it to rank with each victory, and makes the team endlessly perform Sumo moves. After seeking help from the sumo students Leo and Amu met early, the two confront the monster. Leo ends up winning, though a squash match only to Alzad make Sumotron (great MOTW name btw) Rank up to Yokozuna, the highest rank obtainable, for a rematch. Leo ended up hurting his arm in the last match, so Amu steps in to fight. She doesn’t do much at first, but acting all cute to get in close then Awaking her Claws all over Sumotron’s face works pretty well.


The rest is pretty much Standard Mecha fight fare with Wild Tousai King and DodekaiOh fighting, followed by a standard wrap up.

Thoughts on 33:

I really enjoyed this episode. The show didn’t just assume that viewers knew all about Sumo (something this franchise has been guilty of before using cultural heavy themes). Plus it gave some basic info on it in a quick manner which was highly helpful and educational. The action was pretty good with some nice humor overall.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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