HERO☆STAR Hosts Anime & Tokusatsu Karaoke Battle

Our friends at CS Toys International have proudly asked us to assist in promoting HERO☆STAR Café & Bar’s upcoming event. HERO☆STAR will be hosting the “Anime & Tokusatsu Karaoke Battle” on Sunday, February 26 starting at 13:00 JST (1:30pm). The event will be live-streamed by CS Toys on YouTube and Facebook. Now, for those questioning why this website is covering an event in Matsuyama, Japan, the answer is a simple one. The “Anime & Tokusatsu Karaoke Battle” is going to allow international entrants through prerecorded submissions!


International entrants will need to submit their entries using the Smule App, Sing! Karaoke. The app is free to download and can be found either in the App Store, or with Google Play. One can easily create a new account with Smule, or create an account by connecting to one’s own Facebook. In addition, Sing! Karaoke has a subscription service to further one’s capabilities with the app. Furthermore, Smule is currently offering a discount on subscriptions, and limited free trials.


Now, all entrants must register on the HERO☆STAR website. Entrants will be required to pay an admission fee, and waiver for recordings/ photography to use for press coverage. The admission fee will go towards the financing of future events, and shipping fees for participation gifts for all entrants. Entrants can only perform one song, however attending entrants must choose a song 10 years or older. Performances incorporating props, cosplay, or other will be included in the evaluation. Judging will be decided by HERO☆STAR owner, Mr. Wakafuji and other local performers. Prizes will be revealed later on, but are donated directly from Mr. Wakafuji’s personal collection, CS Toys’ stock, and other sources.


For more in-depth information please check out CS Toys’ Blog. Now, we hope that fans from around the world will enjoy this Karaoke Event, whether they compete in it or attend the stream. If there are those who cannot do either at least spread the word of this event! We look forward to this gathering of voices, and the appreciation of Anime and Tokusatsu music!



HERO☆STAR is a place where Tokusatsu & Anime fans can gather, meet new friends, discuss their favorite programs, and enjoy Karaoke. It originally opened in Nibancho, Matsuyama City in 2007, where the place was loved by many. Now in its 10th year, HERO☆STAR’s home is in Downtown Matsuyama where Okaido & Gintengai Shopping Arcade meet. It continues to provide the Spirit of Heroes and we look forward to seeing you soon here at HERO☆STAR.

Source: CS Toys Blog

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