Holiday Buyers Guide 2016 – Day III: Marvel, DC, & Star Wars

We now come to day three of the Holiday Buyers Guide, and today we will be looking at Marvel, DC and Star Wars toys/ collectibles. The comics and movies are not the only things for these universes that we need to shameless plug, since we here at Hero Club love collecting in general! We have a wide arrange of stuff one can easily find in local retail stores, or maybe will need to search for online. That is because for some of the items on this listing, one actually will not find them in regular retail stores like Wal-Mart, Target, or Toys R Us.



Marvel Legends Captain America Shield MSRP: $99.99
The Marvel Legends Captain America Shield is everything one would want from a legit replica of the shield sold from Hasbro. This version of Cap’s shield has a 24-inch diameter, adjustable straps, and a premium finish. Once having this amazing prop in hand, anyone can take the fight to Hydra and summon the Avengers!


Guardians of Galaxy 6” Action Figures MSRP: $9.99
Based off the current cartoon series on Disney XD, these 6-inch figures capture the Guardians perfectly. All five are sold in the line and feature several points of articulation, which is rarely seen on figures outside of the Marvel Legends line. One of the cooler highlights in the line is that Rocket, not being exactly a 6-inch does come with something extra to make him worth the price, a baby Groot!


Marvel Legends: Build-A-Figure Juggernaut Wave MSRP: $19.99
Now, there were several waves released this year to choose from, and this was the wave that stood out from the rest, while also being still currently accessible to purchase this Holiday season. The X-Men Build-A-Figure Juggernaut wave features an eight figure selection with seven hosting the parts to assemble the Juggernaut, whereas the eighth is the highly sought after Deadpool figure! One hidden gem in the set is that Kitty Pryde comes with an additional BAF piece, an alternate head for BAF Red Onslaught released in a previous Captain America wave.


Marvel Universe Play Arts Kai Venom MSRP: $129.99
Square Enix acquired several comic titles to incorporate into their Play Arts Kai figure line; one of the several series acquired was Spider-Man. Shortly after making the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler, his archenemy and at times anti-hero ally Venom followed in the production. Now, Square Enix’s take on Venom is primal and bulky, a pure monster of a beast which depending on the depiction of the Venom Symbiote it is pretty damn accurate.


S.H.Figuarts Captain America: Civil War – Captain America & Iron Man Mk. 46 MSRP: 6265 yen
Tamashii Nations delivers another set of amazing S.H.Figuarts based off the MCU! This time Tamashii focuses on the summer blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War, which pit Captain America against Iron Man. The new Cap Figuart is simply amazing, but does rather look like a retool of the previous Age of Ultron SHF however once it’s in hand there are visible differences between the two. Then as for Iron Man Mk. 46 it is the fifth Mark produced as a SHF, and is one of the most elegant suits in the MCU; the figure’s premium paint job is to die for!


DC Multiverse MSRP: $19.99
Mattel’s DC Multiverse line re-launches this year back into the popular six-inch scale. Providing figures based on classic DC Comic Books such as The Dark Knight Returns as well as modern day versions of characters. There is the inclusion of the hit TV Shows like, The Flash and Arrow to even the movies such as Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad. Several waves were released providing something for almost every DC fan.


DC Collectibles DC Icons MSRP: $27.99
DC Collectibles’ brand-new line of DC characters is DC Icons, a line dedicated to releasing characters from across DC’s legacy. Featuring figures such as Batman, Green Arrow, the Joker, Blue Beetle and more are all based on specific comic storylines and feature more accessories than any line in DC Collectibles’ past and present.


Play Arts Kai Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman MSRP: $149.99
The beautiful Play Arts line brings Wonder Woman in her Dawn of Justice costume in this large scale, high-end figure based on Gal Gadot’s version of the character. Made for the hardcore Wonder Woman fan, this Play Arts figure is sublime.


DC Collectibles Deluxe Batmobile with Batman & Robin MSRP: $139.99
A re-release of last year’s fantastic Batman the Animated Series Batmobile, this deluxe set now contains Batman and Robin sporting brand-new cloth capes as well as a fully functional Bat-Signal that lights up and is scaled to the rest of the animated Batman line. A perfect starter set to a Batman animated collection and a great holiday gift. For those out there with the original Batmobile, the Batman and Robin with the Bat-Signal can be purchased in a separate set.


DC Collectibles Batwing MSRP: $175.00
Not to be outdone this year, DC Collectibles released the massive Batman the Animated Series Batwing! This six-inch scaled vehicle is massive and nearly three times the size of the Batmobile. Featuring a light-up cockpit area as well as landing gear, this is certainly for the hardcore fans only and those with lots of living space.

Star Wars

Black Series Kanan Jarrus & Ahsoka Tano MSRP: $19.99
Star Wars has a rich amount of characters in the universe that are waiting to become action figures in the Black Series! However at this time with selection we got, we easily decided that these two figures were must haves; Kanan Jarrus and Ashoka Tano are fan favorites seen in the Star Wars Rebels animated series. Now, since they are from the animated lore of the franchise these 6 inch figures are made to look more realistic as if they were live action characters portrayed by actors in toy form, but the sculptors did not really change them too much. Both figures feature a huge amount of articulation and include the character’s appropriate accessories. Fans of the characters should not want to miss out on these figures.

Rogue One Tie Striker Contents

3.75” Tie Striker MSRP: $39.99
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is just about to hit the silver screen this Holiday season and along with it brings brand new vehicles based on the film. The Empire is trying to stop the rebels obtaining the Death Star plans and they summon their forces with their powerful Tie Strikers. Each Tie Striker includes two Nerf darts which can be fired from the vehicle, so that kids can have hours of great fun “blowing up” the rebellion. The Tie Striker features a cockpit that can be opened to house the included exclusive Tie Fighter pilots.


Star Wars Bladebuilders Spin-Action Lightsaber MSRP: $39.99
The popular Bladebuilders line that started with Force Awakens is continuing into the next year with the Star Wars Bladebuilders Spin-Action Lightsaber. This Bladebuilders kit includes a four section spinning connector, 2 adjustable connectors, extendable Lightsaber, and a Lightdagger. This Lightsaber kit is compatible with any other Lightsaber in the Bladebuilders line (sold separately).


Star Wars Rogue One Imperial Death Trooper Voice Changer Mask MSRP: $34.99
The Empire has arrived with their powerful Death Troopers. Fans can join the ranks of the Empire with the brand new Star Wars Rogue One Imperial Death Trooper Voice Changer Mask by Hasbro. This mask features lights and sounds which will help fans recreate scenes from the film. The mask also features a voice changer, which will allow fans to sound like an Imperial Death Trooper.

Rogue One A Star-Wars Story 3.75 Inch AT-ACT

Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT Playset MSRP: $299.99
The Empire has called upon their Imperial AT-ACTs to attack the rebel base. The Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT Playset will allow kids and fans to recreate their favorite scenes from the film and for the first time ever the vehicle will be able to walk on its own. By using a smart device one can control the vehicle and make it fire the included Nerf darts. This vehicle features lights and sounds. For more fun, fans and kids can remove the included cargo transport driver and move it into battle. Vehicle includes three exclusive 3.75 inch figures; Jyn Erso, Scariff Stormtrooper, and C2-B5.

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