Review: Candy Toy Kamen Rider Ex-Aid So Do Stage 1 – 装動 仮面ライダーエグゼイド STAGE1

With our second Rolling Review of 2017, I choose to do the So-Do Stage 1 Ex-Aid figures which were released late November 2016. The So-Do series follows the yearly tradition of Candy Toy figurines that exist as a cheap alternative to the basic gimmick line for the main on-going Rider series; in this case the So-Do figures mimic the LVUR series for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. The set consists of five parts, with a case containing an assortment of 12 meaning an uneven amounts of duplicates. The main set of five consist of the base Level 1 body used by the Kamen Riders of Ex-Aid, and two boxes to complete Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Level 2 with the final two completing Kamen Rider Brave Level 2. Most of the figures’ details rely on stickers, but do feature an abnormal amount of points of articulation especially for 3.75” inch figures!

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7 years ago

Where to find these?