Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Episode 22 Review

The Cubed fun continues on this week as the ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’ that is Misao’s life never ends!…

Basically, we pick up with Misao beliving that somehow everything he touches explodes after a bike blows up aftet he touches it. This causes him to fall into his now standard funk (I give this one a little bit of slack, thinking you’re a walking bomb factory can’t be a easy thing to deal with) with the other Zyuohgers being doubtful of Misao’s claim.

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This is surprisingly quickly resolved when it turns out the MOTW is the cause, as anything it touches with its staff become a bomb through illusions..because that’s how explosives work. After a brief fight, the MOTW informs the team that he has a huge bomb readyy to go off soon and they better find it quickly. Yamato, however is able to deduce that Misao can sense what items have been turned into bombs possbily because of the Rhino’s power enhancing his sense of touch (as it happened with the bike). Amu and Sela give Misao a bit of a not at all ‘shippy’ ego boost, and he sets off to find the bomb.

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After a intense Misao touching things montage (boy that sounds dirty) he discovers that a large multi-story parking garage is the bomb. Of course the bad guy can’t let them stop the bomb. After some more encoruagement from Amu, Miaso goes in to Beast mode and, using a Zyuoh TheRod, rips the parking garage off the ground and hurls it into the atomosphere just before it blows up. Epic!

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Amu then elaborates that Misao’s misunderstanding situations can go both ways, so by buttering him up he will get motivated to wreck shit. Not a bad plan really. Speaking of which, Misao then lays the Smackdown on the MOTW, and when things go big, our heroes decide to combine all their cubes together.

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After some failed attempts, Misao hits the winning combo and they form Wild Tousai King. Ownage ensues and the day is saved. However, Misao relapses after Yamato’s uncle doesn’t make enough for dinner… Yah!

[Over-Time] Animal Sentai Zyuohger - 22 [465E2FCC].mkv_snapshot_19.44_[2016.07.26_15.12.11]

In the end, this episode turned out better than I though it would. The Mystery was solved quickly, we got some Badass Misao moments and Wild Tousai King’s suit looks cool. Along with all that fun, the episode provided some light Shipping. Now, Misao did fall back in to his rut in the end, but the team does have a tactic to get him out of it if need be… Solid fun.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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