Elements: Fire- A comics anthology by creators of color

Coming at you with some comics news today. A comic creator I follow MizCaramelVixen is going to be apart of a new anthology series. To quote the Kickstarter with all the information.

ELEMENTS is an all-ages anthology focused on creators of color sharing comics with a FIRE theme. The book will be 250+ pages, printed black & white with a spot color, and contains speculative fiction ranging from sci-fi & fantasy to alternative cyberpunk, humor, and suspense.

Elements looks to add to the current conversation happening in the book industry: yes #WeNeedDiverseBooks, but #WeNeedDiverseCreators too. We are no longer just the sidekicks or token characters, we’re creators with our own stories to tell. In Elements we’re the main characters, dismantling tropes with our own stories that see people like us saving the day. Be it quelling a volcano, learning to fight with our brand of love, or breaking cyberspace, we want to let these stories and characters take center stage.

You can find our journey to this Kickstarter at ElementsAnthology.com

Elements: FIRE is a project that has been a year in the making! It is edited by Taneka Stotts, an award-winning black queer comics creator, and assistant edited by Shing Yin Khor. We’re Kickstarting Elements to pay our contributors and to cover our print costs, because these stories are ready to go to print. We hope you’ll help us make the Elements: Fire Anthology a reality!

All I can say is that I’m so excited for this series. I can proudly say no other comic company is giving you this sort of comic right now. I hope this project blows past its expectations and the industry takes note that POC centric stories and creators can sell. Like always comment down below with your thoughts. Click here to find the Kickstarter and support it.

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