Hawkeye Series Writer Revealed

Hollywoodreporter was able to break the news that Jonathan Igla will be writing the upcoming Hawkeye Disney + series. Some people may know Igla from his time on Mad Men as he was a writer and executive story editor on that series. This time around, he will be writing along with being an executive producer on this series so I’m looking forward to seeing what he will bring to this table. Here’s all we know about the upcoming Hawkeye series so far.

Jeremy Renner is due to reprise his titular role as the bow-and-arrow wielding Avengers superhero. The story is due to focus on Clint Barton, a non-superpowered hero, trying to teach another hero with an affinity for the bow, Kate Bishop, how to be a hero with no super powers.

So I’m interested in seeing what this series will do. I’m hoping Kate Bishop will be closer to her comic book counterpart given that she picked up the bow and took on the name Hawkeye on her own without needing Hawkeyes approval. Instead if I’m remembering correctly, Captain America told her that she could keep the name and has been referred to as Hawkeye. So I hope it doesn’t take away from Kate’s character where Clint is in a mentor role. It could be interesting, I guess it will come down to how they stick the landing. Overall, Hawkeye is set to launch fall 2021 on Disney +.

Source: Hollywoodreporter

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