Here Comes a New Challenger!

Hello there everyone at Hero Club, it is Fighter xaos, one half of The Geek Fighters. I’m here to announce that I’m now officially a member here at Hero Club and one can expect me and my friend 16 Bit Jeff, who will write his own introduction to bring our editorials, and other content right here.

A little about The Geek Fighters, some years ago I founded a group called The Geek Fighters with 16 Bit Jeff. We sort of disbanded and worked on our own, but we eventually made a gaming group on YouTube called The Game Riffers which kept the gaming side of our group alive. Well thanks to Hero Club, The Geek Fighters are now back to fully produce the content we always wanted. We’ll still have our gaming content under The Game Riffers name that we’ll post here, but one can consider it as The Geek Fighters content.

Then as for a little about myself, I am an artist and writer who studied graphic design. My current goals include having a published comic, writing a few books and possibly script movies. My interests are pretty much the same as everyone else here: comics, anime, video games, and Tokusatsu. Though I guess if I had to say what my specialty is, it is in mecha anime and video game music.

So get ready to see podcasts, articles on Gundam and/or Macross, articles on gaming, and editorials on anything I can think of that’s relevant to Hero Club. And of course our annual streams for E3 and the VGAs! Looking forward to creating content for everyone out there who is read this!

Also, for those interested here’s some relevant links to follow me at:

TheBrokenInfinite (another site I help run)

Twitter: @ikariradio

GameRiffers YouTube: TheGameRiffers

My YouTube: xaos youtube

My Deviant Art: xaos deviantart

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