Kamen Rider Ex-Aid episode 8 & 9 Review

I’m on a mission right now, so the delayed review of episode 8 will get thrown in with 9. Now it is time to excite!


Episode 8 dealt with the fall out of episode 7, namely the old virus infected man and his relationship with his Daughter. We learn that the RoboVirus, Snipe failed to kill last time blows up the old man’s Factory, and he actually values the lives of his employees over that of his Factory (it being one of those fictional workplaces where everyone loves the boss and their jobs are fulfilling).


Then in the part that viewers actually care about, Snipe kills the Robot and snags himself the Jet Combat Gashat, giving himself the Lvl. 3 power up. The form kicks so much ass that Taiga manages to steal Ex-Aid and Brave’s Lvl. 3 Gashats. This happens while Kiriya confronts Genm’s CEO about is underhandedness and the episode ends indecisively.

My Thoughts on 8:

To keep it very simple, episode eight was a more run of the mill episode with a milk-toast resolution to the issue of the week. However as expected the Rider fights and the debut of Snipe’s new form were pretty cool. Now, I wonder what will happen with Taiga since he stole the other’s Gashats?

Rating: 3 out of 5


On to Episode Nine, Graphite has taken one of the Proto Gashats (all according to plan) and abuses its power to Infect a large number of people at once. This happens after Graphite had already infected the Head of the Ministry of Health, who was the doctor that saved Emu’s life years ago. Hero worship drives Emu to save him, just as questions are raise about how Emu can Transform in to a Rider without having had a Operation needed to do so.


Of course, the Genm CEO happens to have a Brand New Level 5 Gashat, the Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat (totally a Monster Hunter rip-off). It was designed to be used by 4 Riders at once after it loads more data, but Emu decides he can handle it himself.


Later Ex-Aid, Brave and Snipe (who still has the Gekitosu Robots and DoRiFaMi Beat Gashats) engage Graphaite to little effect. Emu defeats the Dragon Grphaite spawned earlier to finish Dragon Night Hunter Z and uses it to go Level 5… Only to lose control due to the sheer power of the new form, before getting depowered.

My Thoughts:

The plan is seemingly in motion for the villains, but what is it all leading to? The wrap up of the newly established to the Rider format which we call as the introduction arc, or is it simple side plot to assist in the debut of a new form? Pretty sure it is the first option, since the introduction arcs have been a thing for last four years.  Now, I will say Emu’s hero being worked back into the series and having such a pivotal role in the government is a cool way to do so. However I also wonder if this will foreshadow several events to come? Then as for the new Lv 5 power up, Drago Knight is not an entirely cool design but its in show conception to make the Rider’s become a team is a good concept that I can not argue with. Overall this episode was superb and I can’t wait to see where it is lead us to next!

Rating: 5 out of 5


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