Kamen Rider Ghost Finale – Episode 48 & 49 Review

Kamen Rider Ghost is now finally over and done with, and as someone who is usually very easy to please, I am happy to see it gone. Too bad he will be back this winter in the next Movie War film.


The last two real episodes (48 & 49, because 50 is a fluff hand over to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid) wrappd up the story-line in a wasteful, bull-crap, and infuriating manner that has me shaking my head so much I hurt my neck. While I’d hesitate to call the ending predicable, it still ended exactly where I though it would.


Adel’s last second Heel-Face turn felt forced and rushed, like they only did it because Takeru isn’t the revenge killing type. Clone Makoto giving his life so real Makoto could live also felt like a weak conclusion to a paper thin plot.


Finally, the Ganmizers who became the Big Bads of the shows as we all prediced stopped giving a toss and just merged with the Great Eye forming The Great Eyezer, a cool recolor of Kamen Rider Extremer wasted on a Eleventh Hour Final Boss. Cue CG mass killings and the hero defeating the “Invincible” bad guy as the Theme Song blares.


Then the very end of this show pissed me off more than ever before, as the Great Eye twins (Frey and Freya, because of course they have to have Mythical derived names) form the wishing eye one last time and offer Takeru one last wish, on the final day he has left. He of course doesn’t wish for his own life back, but to revive everyone the Ganma had just killed (but not undo the property damage, because screw buildings). The eye then just gives Takeru his life back anyway, because OF COURSE IT DOES. Show Over! But at least we discovered Yursen was really a Cat… Thanks Youkai Watch!


My Thoughts:

They should have maybe made Takeru choose between his life or the life of others rather than twist we recieved. The overall process to revive him was pretty much his  death was a technicality due to the Ganma being the ones to kill, so let’s cheat his restoration. Hell I would have truly prefered that they gave his life back due to his selflessness, but used the techinically presented rather than plain out abusing it. Guess Toei’s team just was not creative enough to gice more depth to his resurrection, or wanted to make him a martyr.

Luckily this is the end of  Kamen Rider Ghost, taking with it all the Failed Potential in telling a new and differnt type of hero story. It all went to shit, being flushed down the drain for a mediocre and enraging ending. Our new gaming doctor Rider cannot come soon enough for me!

Rating: 1 out of 5

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