NYCC 2023: Marvel Comic Announcements

Armor Ultimate X-Men

Happy Saturday everyone! New York Comic-Con is currently going on and Marvel announced some comics that surprised me. This time around, Marvel made trailers for the upcoming comics so check those out.

First title is Avengers: Twilight coming out in January 2024. Daniel Acuna is the artist on the series with Chip Zdarsky doing the writing.

Marvel’s Blood Hunt which will have Jed MacKay, Pepe Larraz, and Marte Gracia are the creative team on it.

Infinity Paws, a digital exclusive comic book coming to Marvel Unlimited in Spring 2024.

Ultimate Universe is coming back with the following titles. Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Black Panther, Ultimate X-Men, and Ultimate Universe. Ultimate Universe seems to be the Avengers title whereas everything else are just solos.

The last one which I’m excited for the most is X-Men: Fall of X-Men and Rise of X-Men. I’ve loved the Krakoa era and I’m sad to see it possibly go within the next year. I hope it sticks around as I love the X-Men having a place in the world instead of just being the only superheroes that are hated by mankind. Anyway, let us know what title you’re excited for the most?

Source: Marvel Entertainment

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