Official Avataro Sentai DonBrothers Press Conference – Cast Details & More

Recently, Toei held the official press conference for the next upcoming installment in the Super Sentai series. Titled, Avataro Sentai DonBrothers, this installment is a direct sequel to the currently airing series, Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. However, this is not the first time that a Super Sentai series had an immediate direct sequel. Whereas, the first time that an immediate sequel occurred was in 1981 when Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan succeeded Denji Sentai Denjiman.

Now, DonMomotaro will make an early appearance within Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger to promote the next series. However, the remaining members of the team will officially make their debut in the premiere on March 6. Whereas, Avataro Sentai DonBrothers will be a Super Sentai retelling of the legend of Momotaro. Then below are the official descriptions and cast listings for the series thus far.


The DonBrothers Team

Kouhei Higuchi as Taro Momoi (DonMomotaro)

Taro Momoi is a 21-year-old young man who has the amazing ability to never lie. He came to the human world in peach-like capsule as a baby, and raised by Jin Momoi. However, Taro has runaway from home and now lives as a part-time courier. When he transforms into DonMomotaro, Taro is master swordsman.

Yuki Beppu as Shinichi Saruhara (SaruBrother)

Shinichi Saruhara is a 21-year-old well-educated man, that is called “professor” by friends and neighbors. He is good at analyzing things like his opponents, with Toei stressing his eyes are as keen as Sherlock Holmes. When Shinichi transforms into SaruBrother, he gains great strength and power.

Kohaku Shida as Haruka Kitou (OniSister)

Kohaku Shida is a 17-year-old high school student who is aspiring to become a manga artist. She has recently won a manga award, and obtain some recognition. However, she now is forced to become a warrior, but still lives with her detective of an aunt. Then when Kohaku transforms into OniSister, she becomes an agile fighter.

Toutaro as Tsubasa Inuzuka (InuBrother)

Tsubasa Inuzuka is a 24-year-old man that is currently a wanted criminal. He is a sarcastic hater that is selfish and does not trust others. He is apart of a larger mystery where he is searching for the true criminal while trying to avoid arrest. When Tsubasa transforms into InuBrother, he becomes a 100 cm tall dogman with great speed.

Hirofumi Suzuki as Tsuyoshi Kijino (KijikiBrother)

Tsuyoshi Kijino is a 33-year-old man who lives an average life. In comparison to the other team members, Tsuyoshi has nothing to lose. He does not have his own dream, and he bets on his wife’s dream. When Tsuyoshi transforms in KijikiBrother, he becomes a 220 cm tall warrior who is great at aerial combat.


“The Returning” Zenkaiser!?!

Kiita Komagine as Kaito Goshikida (Zenkaiser Black)

Kiita Komagine returns as Kaito Goshikida, but he is not the Kaito viewers already know. Yet, he similar to the Kaito as seen in Zenkaiger, but there as some major differences. Currently, this Kaito is the owner of the ‘Donbura’ coffee shop, where Haruka works at part-time. Furthermore, Kaito will assist the DonBrothers from time to time.

Toshihiro Wada as Jin Momoi

Jin Momoi is Taro’s foster parent. He is a man who is in a virtual prison, and appears as an avatar. He gives mysterious glasses to four people to be Taro’s companions.


Brain Person

Three villains who consist of Sonoi, a man who is calm and graceful, Sononi Amisa, a woman interested in love affairs and Sonoza, an eerie man who laughs and cries.

Brain Person Transformed

Additionally, the press conference announced that DonBrothers will continue the trend of dance openings. The opening theme song is called “Ore Koso” (Only One), and it will be performed by Morisaki Win. North American fans may not know his music, but they may recognize him as the Gundam pilot in Ready Player One.


Surprisingly, Avataro Sentai DonBrothers will feature Shinichi Shirokura as executive producer again. Also, Shirokura will be reunited with his creative partner, Toshiki Inoue, as the head writer. Whereas, the main director will be Ryuta Tasaki, action director is Hirofumi Fukuzawa, and SFX by Hiroshi Butsuda. Finally, as stated before, the series will premiere on March 6 at 9 am JST, and be broadcast on TV Asahi.

Source: TV Asahi



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