Official Images: Full Action SAGA Ex-Aid Riders

Last night, Premium Bandai listed up the order pages for Full Action SAGA figure sets. Following the set for Kamen Rider Kuuga, we found out one was being made for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. Now, the set is not directly for Ex-Aid, but for the other Riders, Brave and Snipe. Like the Kuuga set each figure will stand at 120mm tall, feature several points of articulation, additional hands/ accessories, and feature premium paint schemes. In addition, the set will include more parts for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Lv. 2; these parts are for its hand, Gashacon Breaker, and a random effect box. Pre-orders are on sale, being sold for 5832 yen. The Full Action SAGA Ex-Aid Riders set release this coming May, unlike the Kuuga set which is in June.

Source: Premium Bandai

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