[Official Images] Mini-Pla Mashin Gattai Series 02 King Express

Recently, Bandai’s official Candy Toy site updated with information regarding the second Mini-Pla release for Mashin Sentai Kirameiger. Continuing the Mini-Pla Mashin Gattai Series (Magical Combine Series), the second release features the “villainous mecha” Majin Jouki and Majin Express. For those unaware, Mashin Sentai Kirameiger is the current Super Sentai series airing in Japan. Currently in the series, Majin Jouki is the mecha created by Dark Empire Yodonheim after stealing the Royal Train of the Crystalia Kingdom; the vehicle was then converted into featuring a robot tyrannosaurus form. Yet, Majin Jouki will be re-obtained by the Kirameigers, and combined with Majin Express to form the auxiliary mecha, King Express. Now, below is the official gallery for Mini-Pla Mashin Gattai Series 02 King Express Set, which features the individual parts and their various forms:

Mashin Gattai Series 02 consists of:

  • Majin Jouki A
  • Majin Jouki B
  • Majin Jouki C
  • Majin Jouki D
  • Majin Express A
  • Majin Express B


Now, Mini-Pla Mashin Gattai Series 02 King Express will be sold at retail in two ways: the first option is a single box set for 2160 yen, while the second option is through the basic case assortments. Both options will be available for fans to purchase in May. However, pre-orders are expected to open at various online retailers soon.


Source: Bandai Candy

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