Official Images: S.H. MonsterArts Shin Gojira (Godzilla Resurgence)

Tamashii Nations has recently added to their sub-section of Godzilla products, S.H. MonsterArts Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence). The listing features all the official images for the product, and the trailer for the upcoming movie. In addition, there is a video of a Tamashii Nations event with special guests, Shinji Higuchi & Akihiro Yamauchi. Now, the S.H. MonsterArts is scheduled to be released this November. S.H.MonsterArts Shin Godzilla is going to be sold at retail for 12960 yen. Pre-orders for the figure are expected to be opening at online retailers soon.

Source: Tamashii Features 

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