[Official Images] Super Mini-Pla Choudenshi Bioman Balzion

Following the announcement for Super Mini-Pla Choudenshi Bioman Bio Robo & Bio Dragon, Bandai began teasing additional Bioman Candy Toy products. Among the teasers shown is the Super Mini-Pla Balzion, which we currently have more details regarding its release. For those unaware, the product is based on the villainous mecha Balzion featured in Choudenshi Bioman. The mecha was designed by the Anti-Bio Union alongside Bio Hunter Silva, as an antithesis to Bio Robo, and proved to be highly successful in the Bio Civil War. However, it separated from Silva for nearly 500 years until the events of the series played their course, and the two were destroyed.


Now, in Super Mini-Pla form, Balzion can be built by the fans and continue its on-going battle with Bio Robo in 2021! Super Mini-Pla Balzion is a single mecha robot which does not transform, so its articulation may be the best Sentai Robo to date. Also, it will include its signature weapon the Balzion Maser sword and its shield. Below is the official gallery from Bandai:

Pre-orders for Super Mini-Pla Balzion are currently available through Premium Bandai. Orders for this item are priced at 5500 yen, with their release scheduled for April 2021. For those interested in purchasing this item, they will require contacting their preferred middleman service or online distributor.


Source: Premium Bandai

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