Official Images: Ultraman Taro Ultra Replica Ultra Badge & King Bracelet

Today, Premium Bandai revealed the next release in the Ultra Replica series, as it listed the order page for the Ultraman Taro Ultra Replica Ultra Badge and King Bracelet set. For those unaware, these items are the transformation device and multi-purpose weapon of the titular hero, Ultraman Taro. The Ultra Badge is specifically the transformation device used by Kotaro Higashi (Saburo Shinoda) to turn into Ultraman Taro. Whereas, the King Bracelet is the upgraded form of the Taro Bracelet, after he was defeated by Birdon; the bracelet is like Ultraman Jack’s Ultra Brace which turns into various weapons. However, unlike previous Ultra Replica releases, this set will no contain LED lights or sound effects. Yet, the set will be 1:1 scale to original onscreen props used on the show, and will still contain display pedestals. Below is the official gallery from Bandai:

Pre-orders for the Ultraman Taro Ultra Replica Ultra Badge and King Bracelet are currently open, with orders closing on November 26. Premium Bandai has the set priced for 6820 yen, with orders scheduled to ship in March 2020. For international fans interested in purchasing this set, they will need to either contact their preferred middleman service or locate an online distributor.


Ultraman Taro is the sixth entry in the Ultra series. The series spanned 53 episodes and aired from April 6, 1973 to April 5, 1974 on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System). The series is scheduled to be distributed to North America on Blu-Ray by Mill Creek Entertainment in Summer 2020.


Source: Premium Bandai

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