Review: Pokémon 20th Darkrai Plush

Hello Hero Club, it is Brotha Bibo and today we will be continuing the Pokémon 20th Anniversary plush reviews.  Darkrai is the fourth legendary Pokemon in the 20th Anniversary line and is exclusive to Gamestop. I pre-ordered mine at and is a dark type Pokemon from the Sinnoh region who is surprisingly not a ghost type regardless of clearly being a ghost. He was only obtainable from an in game event, but the event was never fully executed in the US so we yet again had to wait til an event day to get our own Darkrai. Darkrai likes to give nightmares to anyone who is asleep and the victim is unable to wake up from the horrible nightmare. Cresellia is the counterpart of Darkrai who can counter the dark powers of Darkrai and these two are mortal enemies to each other. Tune in to next June for the next Toysrus exclusive plush of Manaphy.


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