S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Jack Announced for April 2018!

The recent issue of Figure-Oh magazine revealed several new items being produced by Bandai, and their sub-division, Tamashii Nations. One of these new items is S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Jack from the Return of Ultraman! The Return of Ultraman consist of 51-episodes, and aired from April 2, 1971 to March 31, 1972. The Return of Ultraman is the fourth installment in the Ultra Series, but it is the third to feature an Ultraman as its lead. The series was meant to be a sequel to the first Ultraman series, but was changed late during production. Originally, Ultraman Jack, was referred to as Ultraman II, or New Ultraman until 1984 where he was properly named Ultraman Jack. The idea came from an used theme or concept to Ultraman Taro being a reference to Jack the Giant Slayer. In addition, at the time when the name was changed it lead to massive outrage from the longtime fans.


Now, S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Jack is the second Tamashii Nations brand figure to be produced since the defunct Ultra-Act line. The Figure-Oh magazine scans preview that Ultraman Jack will come with various accessories seen in his series. These accessories range from an optional forearm piece to display the Ultra Bracelet, as well as the weapons it creates like the Ultra Spark, Ultra Lance, and Ultra Cross. Additional shots also preview Ultraman Jack’s Spacium Ray, and Ultra Slash. Below are the current scans:

S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Jack is a retail release for April 2018 for 5940 yen. More information is bound to appear in the coming weeks such as official information, an official gallery, and sale date. We at Hero Club will provide that information in due time, so please stay tuned!


Source: Erasu

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