Titans News: Damaris Lewis Promoted to Series Regular

Today, we have some news coming out of the DCU Titans series as we have learned that Damaris Lewis has been promoted to be a series regular come season three. For those who have yet to see this season of Titans, avoid the remainder of this article to avoid being spoiled. Damaris Lewis is set to play Blackfire, as we got a small teaser at the end of the season two finale. It is clear that she would become a series regular, and so far it seems as though she will be the only villain for the upcoming season.


However, I do not know if I am going to watch Titans next season. After this season, it left me and my fellow members of Hero Club unsatisfied. Hopefully the writers will take the feedback and make a better season. Overall, happy to see Blackfire coming to the Titans universe. Hopeful that the show will do better in season three. Until the next Titans news post, I’m Ben and I’m out of here.


Source: TV Line

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