Titans Season 4 Trailer

Titans season four poster featuring Raven, Beast Boy, Superboy, Nightwing, Starfire, and Tim Drake

We have the Titans season four official trailer. The show is set to come out November 4th of this year. It is the first part of season four and we don’t know when the second half of the season will come out. I hate to say it but I’m interested in seeing how it will play out. I thought after being disappointed with season three overall that I would be stronger to let this show go but I can’t. I’m curious about the supernatural stuff they’re planning on tackling this season. It’s enough to make me want to at least check out the season premiere episode.


As always, sound off in the comments and share with you friends. Will you be tuning into the fourth season of Titans? I’m still Ben_Odinson and I’m out of here for now.

Source: YouTube

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