Tokyo Toy Show 2016: Ultraman Orb Special Event

The official Youtube Channel for Tsuburaya Productions has recently listed three videos based on their event held at the Tokyo Toy Show 2016. The event featured coverage on the Ultraman Booth at Bandai, a press conference featuring the cast of the series of Ultraman Orb and a Stage Show! The first video is simply a teaser for the event featuring Ultraman Orb’s theme song, “Orb no Inori” (Orb’s Prayer) performed by Ichiro Mizuki with Voyager. The second and third videos are of the actual event, which is presented in its entirety. Below are the videos from Tsuburaya Productions’ channel, however like several videos on their channel they do not contain closed caption subtitles and the videos are simply raw footage.

Ultraman Orb Tokyo Toy Show 2016 Trailer

Ultraman Orb Tokyo Toy Show 2016 Special Event 1/2

The first segment features a special appearance of the cast of Ultraman Orb and Ichiro Mizuki, as well as mini stage show with Ultraman Orb battling Wind Demon King Beast, Maga Bassar. The stage show is brief, but promotes Orb’s three main forms: Spacium Zeperion (Ultraman & Ultraman Tiga: Default Form), Burnmite (Ultraman Taro & Ultraman Mebius), and Hurricane Slash (Ultraman Jack & Ultraman Zero).

The cast:
Gai Kurenai (Ultraman Orb) – Hideo Ishiguro
Naomi Yumeno – Miyabi Matsuura
Jetta Hayami – Naoto Takahashi
Shin Matsudo – Hiroaki Nerio
Jagras Juggler – Takaya Aoyagi
Captain Ittetsu Shibukawa – Shingo Yanagisawa

Ultraman Orb Tokyo Toy Show 2016 Special Event 2/2

The final segment looks at the Ultraman area at the Tokyo Toy Show featuring the display case for the products for Ultraman Orb such as the Ultra Fusion Cards, Vinyl Figures, and DX Roleplay along with plushes and the upcoming S.H. Figuarts. The Ultraman Orb display also teases another form in the series, Thunder Breaster which combines Ultraman Zoffy with Belial. It all concludes with another Stage Show where Ultraman Orb teams up with Ultraman X.

Ultraman Orb is the newest, and upcoming installment in Tsuburaya’s Ultra series, as it celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the franchise. The series is schedule to premiere on July 9, and will run for 25 episodes. At this time it has not been confirmed if the series will be simulcasted on Crunchyroll.

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