Tsuburaya Productions Announces Ultraman Z the Series

Today, Tsuburaya Productions announced the newest installment to the Ultra Series, Ultraman Z! The show is officially the 32th installment in the Ultra Series, but the 24th televised program in the franchise. In addition, the series is the second one to air within the Reiwa era, while being apart of the New Generation Heroes saga.


Now, the series features Ultraman Zero mentoring the newest Ultra Hero, Zett during his mission to Earth. Ultraman Zero’s involvement as a mentor is to cap-off the character’s 10th anniversary, as well as continue the generational cycle. For those unaware, Ultraman Zero’s father Ultraseven mentored Ultraman Leo, which Leo replied to the gesture by mentoring Zero.


Also, Tsuburaya Productions provided this synopsis:

Once upon a time, the monsters shattered into space, disrupting the entire universe. While the Ultras fought to regain peace, the mysterious entity abusing this peace and destroying planets one after another continued to move about quietly. The hand of this entity finally approaches the “Land of Light.” However, Ultraman Zero went forth with his disciple Ultraman Zett to front the foe! After a fierce battle, Zett goes after the monster alone and heads for the earth.


Meanwhile, on Earth, defense forces were organized to fight monsters that appeared on a daily basis. Among them is the anti-monster robot unit “Storage.” Yet, Haruki Natsukawa, a young passionate enthusiastic member of Storage will encounter Zett. Their meeting is fate, and their story begins to unfold…

In addition, the announcement provides information on our heroes, and our main stars:

Ultraman Zett is an up-and-coming Ultraman, who yearns to be Zero’s apprentice. He understands his faults in talent, believing his potential is nothing more than zero. He is not familiar with the culture of the Earth, and sometimes does not full grasp its various languages. Zett is also very immature but is trying to develop his love of justice, so he can become the best hero.


Haruki Natsukawa is a new pilot within the anti-monster robot unit, Storage. He is an athletic individual, who is overly polite. Everything with Haruki is straightforward, and he has a strong sense of justice. However, on a tragic day he dies in battle with monster, but fortunately revived by Ultraman Zett uniting with him. United together they will become a hero of justice to protect life on Earth! Portraying Haruki Natsukawa is actor Hirano Kohshu.

Ultraman Zero is the son of Ultra Seven, a veteran hero fighting across various universes. Now, he is the mentor of Ultraman Zett, as well as continues going on dangerous missions. However, is currently equipped with the Ultra Zero Cloak, which he received from his mentor, Ultraman Leo. The cloak is symbol of Zero’s growth as a hero, as well as an assisted piece of armor. Yet, while pursuing the newest threat in the universe, Zero is trapped within another dimension. Furthermore, Mamoru Miyano returns to voice Utraman Zero!

Ultraman Z is scheduled to premiere on Saturday, June 20, 2020. The series will be broadcast onto TV Tokyo, as well as be uploaded to Tsuburaya Productions’ official YouTube Channel. Yet, more information regarding staff and additional cast will be revealed within the coming months. So, please stay tuned to Hero Club for all future details regarding Ultraman Z the series!


Source: M-78

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