Tsuburaya Uploads Special Promotional Episode & First Episode Trailer for Ultraman Orb

Tsuburaya Prod.’s Official YouTube Channel recently uploaded several promotional videos to hype up the premiere of Ultraman Orb. Amongst the videos was a special promotional episode which stood out from the others, featuring a narrative of the series to introduce the cast/plot through a compilation of the first few episodes, and additional footage from previous series/movies showcasing the powers of the six Ultras that Orb uses for his forms; those forms being Space Zeperion (Ultraman & Ultraman Tiga), Burnmite (Taro & Mebius), and Hurricane Slash (Jack & Zero). The only form that is not focused on, but rather teased in the episode is Thunder Breaster which uses Ultraman Zoffy and evil Ultraman, Belial. Now, the only issue with the episode is that it does not feature English subtitles, or any subtitles in general for international fans so the footage is all raw Japanese audio.


As for the other videos uploaded to Tsuburaya’s YouTube Channel, one is the stand alone trailer for Ultraman Orb’s first episode, and the other is an interview with the series lead, Hideo Ishiguro (Gai Kurenai) which is not subtitled either. We are currently working on obtaining a translation of the interview at the moment, and will upload the video alongside its translation as soon as possible.

Source: Tsuburaya Prod. Official Channel

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