Comic Review: Green Arrow #1

A new era for Oliver Queen known as the Green Arrow. Join him and Black Canary as they take on the Underground Men of Seattle.

Writer:Benjamin Percy
Artist & Colorist: Otto Schmidt
Lettering:Nate Piekos of Blambot
Cover: Juan Ferreya
Variant Cover: Steve Skroce with Alex Sinclair
Group Editor: Brian Cunningham
Associate Editor: Harvey Richards
Editor: Andy Khouri

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, an new era of Green Arrow is here. We’re picking up from Green Arrow Rebirth with The Underground Men. The Underground Men are trying their hand at human trafficking. Thankfully, Green Arrow along with Black Canary come onto the scene. One thing I have to talk about right off the bat is Otto Schmidt’s artwork. The way he frames his comic panels are amazing. Some scenes like Black Canary facing forward, looking at the Underground Men running through the docks are framed so well. You get to see how deep and how tall the crates are whereas the second panel you get a close up of Black Canary kicking a Underground Men in the face. The way Red is used in the background, having Black Canary in the middle ground, and the Underground Men getting kicked in the foreground. Its honestly a combination that gives you well done action.

I have to say one character I wasn’t expecting at all was Emiko. For those who don’t know Emiko is Oliver’s younger sister who also is a vigilante. This is her first appearance in this Rebirth line and she’s a bit older. I would have guessed that she would be younger but I’m okay with the change. One thing I enjoyed seeing Oliver do was give a second chance to someone. We learn that someone working at the docks was in on it and rather than Oliver tossing him in jail. He allows the person to have a second chance by working with him. It’s something we don’t see street heroes do to often and I appreciate that.

Another thing I enjoy about is Black Canary and what she adds to the story so far. We have a scene where we see Oliver trying to show Dinah what good he’s done outside of being Green Arrow. Dinah calls Oliver out in a way I didn’t think off. We see that Oliver doesn’t have much of a “family” outside of Emi. It seems in Oliver’s quest to make his city better, he’s failed himself in making bonds with those around him that aren’t “Green Arrow” related.

Nate Piekos of Blambot on lettering is always a treat. His lettering goes so well with the layout Otto Schmidt provides. Everything just flows so well and I enjoy reading the dialogue as its presented on the page. So a huge props to Nate Piekos of Blambot and Benjamin Percy for crafting this story being told. Coloring, Otto Schmidt’s color palette is amazing. There’s a couple of pages where we go from afternoon into the evening and the colors he chose to represent that was fantastic. You see the hues of the sky slowly but surely changing colors and it’s something so subtle but it’s great.

I have to say I didn’t see the ending of this issue coming at all. I wasn’t expecting a certain character to change. Given their character development in the New 52, I was hoping to see that continue rather than come to this. I’m hoping there’s more of an explanation but as of right now I’m disappointed. Which is something a comic should make me feel like. I should be going through different emotions as I read this story.

Final Thoughts, I’m aboard the Green Arrow train. Like I’ve said in my Green Arrow Rebirth review, there’s so much potential for this series to be amazing and I hope the creative team does everything within their power to capitalize on it. Green Arrow is better than ever and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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