Comic Review: Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2

Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2

Written By: Tom Taylor
Artist & Colorist: Stephen Byrne
Letter: Deron Bennett
Cover: Carl Kerschl
Editor: Kristy Quinn
DC Comics Associate Editor: Jessica Chen
DC Comics Group Editor: Jim Chadwick
Boom! Studios Editor: Dafna Pleban
Boom! Studios Associate Editor: Alex Galer

This was a solid issue for this crossover series. We got to see some members of the Justice League come into play and interacting with the Power Rangers. Seeing Green Lantern and Superman having to interact with the Zords was fun. I love how Wonder Woman came into play in this issue. Stephen Byrne really did his thing when the zords were summoned along with some of Zedd’s scenes which I will get into later on.

Essentially this was a setup issue for what we can expect throughout the series. We now know what brings the Justice League and Power Rangers together and I was surprised as to who it was. Alright, let’s get into that now starting off with Lord Zedd. I love how Tom Taylor writes Lord Zedd, he comes off very dominate when we get to see him in this issue. It was something I am not use to seeing with his character. At the start of his introduction in Power Rangers, I found him to be a character to fear, but he became a “joke” as time went on. So seeing Zedd in top form was fantastic. I wasn’t expecting Brainiac to be the villain Zedd teams up with, but given their reasoning as to how they’re similar was perfect. Stephen Byrne’s Lord Zedd and Brainiac pages were fantastic. The coloring choices were spot on and Lord Zedd growing was beautiful. The perspective of seeing him grow and tap the glass was great.

As always Deron Bennett does a great job with the lettering and with Carl Kerschl still doing the cover work. The book is an overall package anyone would pick up. Not much to really say about the issue overall. It was a solid read and if one likes the first issue, I recommend picking up the second issue. I do feel this may read better in trade as of right now but right now I’ll still pick up the single issues.

4 Out of 5 Heroes.

Until the next review, I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out. One can pick up a digital copy by clicking here.

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