Comixology Marvel BOGO Sale

Happy Wednesday heroes, we have learned that Comixology is having a Marvel “Buy One, Get One” sale on their website. Fans can buy one book and get the other one for free. In addition, there are some recent titles that I would recommend picking up such as House of X, Powers of X, and a few other titles that came out like Marauders, Fallen Angels, X-Men, and X-Force. Now, if the X-Men is not someone’s cup of tea then try snagging Spider-Verse, Infinity Gauntlet, and Secret Wars which I felt is an event that has a great payoff. Anyways, I have listed the code down below that fans can use it during checkout.

Overall, readers let us know what you plan on purchasing down below in the comments section. I think I might grab some of the newer X-Men titles to see if they grab me like House of X and Powers of X did. Be sure to click the link here go directly to the sales page, and as always, I am Benodinson and I am out of here.


Source: Comixology

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