Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger episode 28 Review

1999 episodes, a milestone that only a few series can match, but Toei is going all out celebrating not only the impending 2000th episode but also the franchises 40th anniversary…

We start out in the Tree-house with Misao talking about a weird Parrot he just saw (spoilers, it’s Navi) as the teams Zyuman sense tingles. Elsewhere, Bang Ray out doing what he does best, wreck stuff and mind scan people. It’s now we learn he is looking for the “Legendary Mega-Beast”, however he happens apon the wrong Curry-Rice plate, one that happens to be near Captain Marvelous.

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A Gokai Change later, the team comes apon Bang Ray and GokaiRed duking it out, with neither Yamato or Misao remembering the whole Zangyak Invasion and near destruction of Earth 5 years ago apparently, having never heard of the Gokaigers before. After Bang Ray pulls a quick mind scan of Amu and retreats (later spawning the Stealth Spider MOTW to tail the team) Marvelous gets the Zyumen to take him to the ruined Link Cube. Turns out it has a big golden cube at its’ center that Marvy wants.

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However it turns out said big Gold Cube is the Grand Champion Symbol, and a Recording of the Whale Cetas, who is the common Ancestor to the Zyumen. Turns out some big bad attacked earth eons ago while Zyumen still lived here. Cetas fought it, got rekt, but was then given power from the Earth itself, allowing him to Transform into the first Zyuohger, ZyuohWhale. With his new Cannon he owned the monster, and Cube Whale was made to enhance his power. Cetas was made Grand Lord and created Zyuland (in a Pocket Universe I guess) as a safe place for all Zyumen, leaving the Grand Symbol as the core of the Link Cube.

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Well then that Plot dump/New toy introduction is over, as Bang Ray and his spider dude attack, as Cube Whale seems to be the Mega-Beast Bang Ray wants to hunt. Marvelous has to interject, as he wants the Grand Champion symbol for himself, so as a three way fight rages, Marvelous, Gokai Changes into GaoRed and fights Leo, afterward changing in to GekiRed to fight Amu. Yamato and Misao change themselves, only for Marvel to turn into Red Buster to counter (with Misao getting BSOD’d because he can only change form twice).

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Meanwhile, Gai Ikari is on his knees begging the ToQger’s (who are still kids) to use their power, with them agreeing to help. Having enough, Marvelous, Gokai Changes in to RedHawk and just flies off with the Grand Symbol with Yamato on his tail. Bang Ray takes the opportunity to make a Giant MotW and bolts, with Amu-flattered Misao Handling it in Tousai King as the others take out the Spider. The Zyumen chase after Yamato, only to run into Joe, Don, Luka and Ahim (Marvy had Navi to get them earlier).

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And they fight; a damn good fight too with the more experienced Gokaigers kicking ass before The Zyumen level the playing field as they awaken their instincts. The Gokaigers counter by changing into KyoryuPink, ToQ#4, AoNinger and Yellow Buster. The episode ends with Yamato clashing with Marvelous in flight.

My Thoughts:

Holy Hell, this Episode! Marvelous made a huge impact, namely by being the Asshole, we know and love him to be.  Also finally getting that needed background on Zyuland was a plus, and worked well to introduce the new toys at the same time. Plus ALL the fights where fan-service at their best… just wait until next time though!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5

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