Hasbropulse Fan First Friday – Marvel Legends

Hasbro recently held a new Hasbropulse Fan First Friday event that featured a look at several new Marvel Legends reveals.

First, Hasbro featured another look at Old Man Hawkeye, which will be released alongside the new version of Old Man Logan. The figure is revealed to come with an alternate head. No release details are confirmed for this set at this time.

Next, Hasbro took a look at Nimrod where they revealed that it include an alternated head based on his classic look and will will feature removable wings. No other details were revealed about the figure at this time, however it is hinted the figure will be in a three pack according to various listings online.

Third, they revealed another look at Rogue. She will include an alternate head and Hasbro has confirmed that the finalized release version of the figure will have the correctly colored hair.

Fourth, Hasbro revealed a teaser photo for an upcoming figure. The figure is highly likely to be the infamous Sebastian Shaw. 

Skipping ahead bit, Hasbro featured a look at the upcoming retro carded Mysterio. Unlike the previous release this figure will feature a new deco and a new clear human head instead of the more skull head it featured previously.

The rest of the reveals include:

A.I.M. Trooper – Hasbropulse Exclusive


Deluxe War Machine

Deluxe Apocalypse


Classic Moon Knight – Walgreens Exclusive

Retro Collection

At the end Hasbro featured a Q&A where they answered several big questions.

Some of the highlighted answers include:

  • The Fall wave for Eternals has been pushed to 2021 due to the delay of the film. The previously announced Venom wave will be released later this year.
  • Build-A-Figure waves will continue to release alongside Deluxe “reissues”
  • More boxsets similar to the Amazon Alpha Flight set are on the way
  • Two big SDCC exclusives this year which will be great for fans of the X-Men comics and films
  • More Retro carded figures will be released in the future
  • Figures based on Into the Spider-Verse will be released
  • Figures based on the House of X and Powers of X Crossover will be made
  • Biggest Marvel Legends roleplay item along with the largest BAF will be released in 2021
  • Featured a look a giant leg which maybe a hint to the Haslab Sentinel

All the figures are currently up for pre-order on Hasbropulse with the exception of Moon Knight who be available on Walgreens website later today.

Source: Hasbropulse

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