Holiday Buyers Guide 2016 – Day V: Tokusatsu Toys

Tokusatsu products are pretty much the bread-and-butter here at Hero Club, so it was the perfect category to cap off the Holidays Buyer Guide 2016! Starting off the list is one of the originators of the genre, Ultraman, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Following the Ultraman Products, we will transition to Toei brands such as Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and technically Power Rangers since it’s the American adaptation of Sentai. Then closing out this listing is the King of the Monsters, Godzilla, which will obviously focus on the most recent movie, Shin Godzilla! Yet, we should not forget that a majority of these products all belong under Bandai… “Damn you Bandai, why must you be the bane to our existence?”



DX Orb Ring MSRP: 4,900 yen
The main transformation device used by the series protagonist, Gai Kurenai (Hideo Ishiguro) to turn into Orb and his various forms. The DX Orb Ring is sold in two variants; a single release where it only provides the owner the ability to become Spacium Zeperion and Burnmite through the use of the Ultra Fusion Cards, whereas the other variant features it sold alongside the Card Holder.


DX Orb Calibur MSRP: 4500yen
To unlock Orb’s true form, summon the Orb Calibur and transform! This awesome toy saber, gives anyone that chance to become Orb Origin form, play the tune of the Orbnica, and defeat an Kaiju with a variety of elemental strikes. The Orb Calibur also comes with Orb Origin form Ultra Fusion Card for collectors.

Ultra Hero & Ultra Monster DX Vinyls MSRP: 600 – 2500yen
Every year Vinyls are released for the Ultra series, and in recent years when an on-going series co-exists with the production of these figures they’re now made to be used with toys, or have collectible cards that can be used. As such with Orb the Ultra Hero & Monster DX vinyls sport an Ultra Fusion Card than can be used with the Orb Ring. Now, when one specifically buys the Demon King Beasts within the Monster DX series which is the only way one can collect those specific Kaiju cards that will be need to go along with the Premium Bandai Dark Orb Ring releasing in early 2017.


SHF Ultraman MSRP: 5200 yen
It is befitting that the first Ultraman SHF is the original, which was sold in two variants; a regular releases and a 50th Anniversary limited edition. The regular S.H.Figuarts release for the Ultraman features the basic figure, several addition hands, timed out Color Timer, Spacium Ray and Ring. Whereas the 50th Anniversary edition features the Ray Shield, and special edition Tamashii Effect Building Set.

Kamen Rider


DX Gamer Driver MSRP: 5000 yen
Gamers unite as the new Riders of Ex-Aid can mash buttons with the best of them. One can easily become said Riders if one seeks to sport this brightly colored driver. The DX Gamer Driver includes the DX Mighty Action X Gashat so one can become our titular Rider, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer! Then become one of the other Riders or a Lv. 3+, people can purchase the various Gashats alone or together with other devices.


S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Ichigo MSRP: 5200 yen
This is not the Ichigo our parents would have grown up with; well technically it is the same actor, but an entirely brand new suit… Now being sold in the S.H.Figuarts line! This Figuart of Ichigo is based off his appearance in Kamen Rider Ichigo the Movie that was released this past spring. The movie starred veteran actor, Hiroshi Fujioka returning to portray the character who seeks to continue defending the world from evil, all while sporting an upgraded look that serious help maintain that character evolved with age!


Kamen Rider Ex-Aid So Do Figures MSRP: 400 yen
Every year there is a coexisting Candy Toy action figure line to go along with the current season, for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid this year’s series of figures is a good way to avoid the basic LVUR figures. These So Do figures come in volumes and at this time there will be two sold in stores for the Holidays, with a third set releasing in January. Now, each figure is roughly 400 yen or can be bought by the case for 5000yen giving the buyer at least two full sets, so one can be kept and the other shared/gifted to a friend! Never the less, it’s a good way to get all the Riders, their forms, and still save some money!

SHF Kamen Rider Amazon Omega & Alpha MSRP: 5600 yen
Here is the latest S.H.Figuarts from Tamashii Nations based on exclusive series, Kamen Rider Amazons, a new telling of the classic Showa series which features two new interesting Amazons, Alpha and Omega. SHF Amazon Omega is a late November release, whereas Alpha will hit stores near the very end of December making the pair a perfect holiday set. Now, if someone really wants to go out on a ledge try getting the Amazon Japan exclusive variants which have a few more accessories and effect pieces, but that might set one back an extra $20 to 40!

Super Sentai

Zyuoh Cube & Final MSRP: 4200 yen
Not since the Rubix cube has a rotating Cube toy been so much fun, thanks Zyuogher! The Zyuoh Cube has different mode where one can Transform into any of the 5 main Zyuogher or become Zyuoh Gorilla, summon Cube Animals (Eagle to Gorilla), form Zyuoh King, or simply use it as a toy phone. Then recently a new variant of the toy has been issued out as the Final version, a gold re-deco that lets one call on all 10 Cube Animals and transform in to the Lord of the Skies, Zyuoh Bird.


Henshin Ju DX Whale Change Gun MSRP: 6000 yen
Zyuoh Eagle’s strongest accessory, the Whale Change Gun, it’s a Cube, a Changer, and a Gun, all in one huge Red & Gold package. Transform into Zyuoh Whale! Launch a Titanic Final Strike with rotating barrel! Summon the greatest of the Cube Animals, Cube Whale to transform into Dodekai Oh or combine with the other to become Wild Tousai Dodeka King. No true Zyuohger should be without this cube!


Zyuoh Cube 10 Doubutsu Gattai DX Dodekaioh MSRP: 9180 yen
What is Super Sentai without its Mecha? The answer would be another ordinary Tokusatsu series most likely, however that is not the case. Now, in Zyuohger the team uses Cube Animals to combine and form their mechas. The series only has two mechas that are sold complete as a set while a majority of the others are sold individually. Since our last choice was Zyuoh Whale related, we thought it best to carry on that trend with DX Cube Whale! However there is a con to this one, it is the most expensive mecha in the series to own!

Atsumare!! Zyumen Plushes MSRP: 1650 yen
Lion, Shark, Elephant, Tiger! These plush versions of the four main Zyumen are as cuddly, as they are cool. Get your favorite Zyumen, or all four because it really does not matter! Don’t forget that if these do not sell Misao dies even further on the inside, due to his sweat and tears put into making each one!

Power Rangers


Legacy Ninja Megazord MSRP: $99.99
The newest Deluxe Megazord in the Legacy line features another Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Movie box for the Ninja Megazord, which was also the main Megazord for Season 3. A nostalgia filled toy with heightened features that outdoes its predecessor, such as articulation and a slimmer screen accurate design. Combine it with the Legacy Falconzord, to form the Ninja Falcon Megazord, or go even further by combining it with Titanus to form the Season 3 Ultrazord!


Titano Charge Megazord MSRP: $29.99 – 34.99
The Titano Charge Megazord is the final main series zord one needs to complete his or her own collection, especially if one chooses to form the Dino Charge Ultrazord. The Titano Charge Megazord was originally thought to be a short production, making it a sought after product by fans. However, luckily enough it was a misunderstanding since its first release broke the original street sale date. Now, one can easily find the item online or in store, and it will surely make a great gift for any Ranger fan!

Legacy 6.5” Figures MSRP: $19.99
Bandai has finally decided to release Power Ranger figures in a similar fashion to Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line, to which the Build-A-Figure is referred to as the Build-A-Megazord! The first wave came out towards the end of summer, featuring the iconic MMPR Red Ranger and MMPR Green Ranger alongside the main three Ninja Storm Rangers. Having the Wind Ninjas from Ninja Storm gave fans the first chance to complete a Legacy BAM figure. Now, Wave 2 is out which has MMPR Blue, MMPR Black, and MMPR Pink with In Space Red and Yellow; unfortunately another BAM cannot be completely at this time, but one will almost complete the original team aside MMPR Yellow and White, who are coming in early 2017, as a part of Wave 3!


Toys R Us Exclusive Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Mighty Hero Set – $49.99
The newest Toys R Us Exclusive Mega Pack is an incredible gift set, and deal for any Power Rangers’ figure collector as it features five various figures from the line, and one figure exclusive to the pack. The five figures which one can regularly find at retail are the Super Dino Drive Red, Super Dino Drive Gold, Silver Ranger, Singe, and Doomwing whereas the exclusive figure is the Dino Armor X Black Ranger with Deinosuchus Jaw Claws. Now, we would insist that this is a must since it is hard in general to find specific figures in this set at retail so get them all right away in one bundle plus get an incredible bonus in the Dino X Armor figure!



S.H. MonsterArts Shin Godzilla 12,960 yen
Tall, dark, and irritated, this is one Godzilla that takes the cake when it comes to design. With cracked skin, a twisted tail, tooth gnarled mouth, and tiny arms this figure is arguably the best articulated representation of the Godzilla 2016. Be ready, as this figure is HUGE, in both sheer size and in its price.


Movie Monster Series – Shin Godzilla Forms MSRP: 1800 yen
Bandai always loves to release Kaiju Vinyls yearly, either reissues or brand new figures. Now, since Shin Godzilla hit theaters this summer, Bandai made three vinyls to match the three on-screen forms he had. First off, there was Shin Godzilla itself release upon opening day which represented it in all of its glory! Then as to not spoil the film Bandai released the following month its early stages to its evolution line, Stage 2 – the adorably derpy white form, and Stage 3 – the still derpy, but blood red form. Having all three completes the perfect for any Godzilla fan!

SHMA & NECA Godzilla 2001 MSRP: $82.00 (SHMA)/ $19.99 (NECA)
The most evil Godzilla finally received not one, but two articulated figures this year. The first was from Tamashii Nations as a MonsterArt that superbly detailed which was originally a Web Shop Exclusive before being distributed via Bluefin Tamashii to North America at retail; however it is still pretty pricey. Whereas the second version provided by NECA is a lot more affordable though is far less detailed. Which either option is chosen, the end result is practically the same as both still provide justice to a truly great iteration of Godzilla.


Fujimi Chibimaru Godzilla Series MSRP: 2200 yen
Fujimi began to produce these Chibimaru model kits earlier this year, starting with the King of the Monsters and the Mazer Tank. Then for some time it was almost as if the series was cancelled until Kiryu was released just recently following its reveal alongside King Ghidorah a month or so back! This was then followed up with pre-orders opening for a reissue set consisting of Godzilla and the Mazer Tank, as well as another special set featuring Godzilla with a regular tank. The line is small, but still growing so now is the time to take an interest in these adorable chibi model kits based on Toho’s classic kaiju!

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