Jason Martin’s Pulp Girls: Prince-S STARthief Redux Kickstarter

Recently, Jason Martin the creator behinds comic titles like Vampblade and Night of the 80’s Undead, reached out to us for current Kickerstarter campaign. Titled, Pulp Girls: Prince-S STARthief Redux the series a project of a proposed collection of various series about different female protagonists. The series originally launched with the first issue of Prince-S STARthief released several years prior. Yet, as Redux indicates this Kickstarter is for all-new updated story for the character.


Prince-S STARthief’s story is set in the far future where giant monarchic corporations have enslaved mankind, and wage wars across the universe with each other. However, Prince-S STARthief is a daughter within one of the “royal brands,” who decides to not go through her arranged marriage, and instead rebel against her family as well as the corporations. Furthermore, below are preview images of the issue:

Now, Jason Martin is joined by artist Winston Young to bring this project into reality. However, by the time we got asked to promote this project, the Kickstarter has surpassed its goal of $5000 and it has nearly tripled. Yet, since the book is funded there are various stretch goals and news rewards to be obtained by backers. These goals and rewards consist of various variant covers, custom action figure, and previously released titles created by Jason Martin. Below are some examples of the variant covers, and the custom action figure:

This Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to end on Wednesday, July 22. Whereas, physical copies of the product and bundles will ship to backers in October. If fans are interested in this project please support this campaign, and all future installments to Jason Martin’s Pulp Girls series.


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