Kamen Rider Drive Saga 2 – Kamen Rider Heart & Kamen Rider Mach Chaser Revealed *Spoilers

Recently, scans for Kamen Rider Drive Saga 2 have surfaced on the net. These scans reveal the first look at both, Kamen Rider Heart and Kamen Rider Mach Chaser. 


Keep in mind these scans contain spoilers so look at your own discretion. 


Kamen Rider Heart is a recolored Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron suit along with a new head design. Kamen Rider Mach Chaser is a recolor of the Kamen Rider Mach suit. Kamen Rider Drive Saga 2 will be released directly on home video on November 11, 2016. 

Source: Heroshock, Heroshock 2

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