Kamen Rider Ghost: Kamen Rider Extremer & More Revealed *Spoilers

Recently new scans for Kamen Rider Ghost have surfaced on the net, which reveal that a new Kamen Rider will make an appearance on the show.  The scans also reveal other events that will occur on the show this month.

Keep in mind these scans reveal major spoilers so read at your own discreet*

First, the scans reveal that a new Kamen Rider named Kamen Rider Xtremer will be appearing soon.   His driver is called the Xtremer Driver and he is said to be more powerful than even Mugen Damashii. Currently the Rider’s identity has not been revealed so stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

Also revealed is that Kanon will be possessed by Billy the Kid, which going by the previous times the heroes possessed people should be quite amusing.


Next,  it has been revealed that Allia will also have a Mega-Uloader and by using the Nekrom P Ghost Eyecon, she will become Dark Nekrom Pink. 

The scans also reveal a better look at Kamen Rider Ghost Darwin Damashii and Kamen Rider Dark Ghost Napoleon Damashii.

It has also been shown that Edith will be able to transform with his own Eyecon to become his Ganma form,  Gamma Ultima Ebony. 

 Finally, it has been confirmed that another Makoto will appear on the show, although no other details have been revealed at this time. 

Source: The Ghouly News,  Heroshock


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