Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 41 & 42 Review

No, I’m not starting to do “every 2 weeks Arc-based” reviews! I just was not able to get around to doing a write up on Ghost 41 last week, so I’ll put a short version of it in this one…

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Akari, frustrated that she can’t really do anything to help Takeru, gets possessed by the Beethoven Eyecon, and spouts off about how rage can be used to fight against one’s own fate. Makoto, also wishing to help, contacts the Sage/Eadith, who instructs him to follow his agenda. Adel tries and fails to access the Great Eye, apparently Takeru is the key to it.

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Eadith picks this time to attack Adel using his Black Utopia Eyecon, but things escalate to our world as Eadith gets owned. Ghost, Specter, and Necrom arrive but Adel just gets up and leaves. What follows is a big info dump on the Ganma Royals, namely that the Great Eye is an all powerful thing that choose Adonis, Alain’s father, to wield its power. After loosing his Wife, Son Argos and others, he and Eadith wanted to create a perfect world, but the Eyecon system Eadith invented was not entirely successful.

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Eadith also made the Ganmisers to safeguard the Great Eye, but this failed to stop Adel from killing his Father and invading the human world. This exposition dump ends with Adel callinhg out Takeru about how he is “The Key” with two Ganmisers flanking him. Deep Specter goes after Adel while Ghost and Necrom fight off the Misers. A Makoto clone appears in front of everyone and attacks Deep Specter as Adel shifts to Takeru.

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The Fake Makoto dies, but Necrom gets knocked down as Infinite Ghost dives for the save…

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Ghost - 42 [3C9CB209].mkv_snapshot_03.47_[2016.08.02_15.46.28]

Episode 42 picks up with Makoto injured and out of action with Adel mounting a second attack. Ghost and Nercom fight, but Alain winds up getting rekt and badly hurt. Eadith just barely pulls him and Takeru out of harms way before taking damage, and losing his own eyecon.

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Ghost - 42 [3C9CB209].mkv_snapshot_10.04_[2016.08.02_15.47.38]

With the jig up, the Old Sage reappears and admits that he is Eadith, and that for Takeru’s first 99 days of Death he could have definitely been revived. However after getting his father’s power and another 99 days the Sage is not sure of anything anymore. Takeru’s friends do not take this lightly (as anyone would), and become enraged at the old man, but this makes Takeru realize how much his friends worried about him. This ties into the ‘Rage as Power’ deal from last time, so yay!?

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Ghost - 42 [3C9CB209].mkv_snapshot_15.01_[2016.08.02_15.48.17]

Adel appears AGAIN, calling out Takeru, but this time it’s just 1-on1 as the Powered Adel used the Ganmisers as weapons. Emotion don’t make people weak etc, etc. Then Adel gets taken down for once with Takeru even offering his hand to show him how Humans really are. This doesn’t turn out well as Adel storms off, having found his “Answer”. He then rips his own Eyecon out and destroys it, leaving his Avatar to vanish.

My Thoughts:

Holy hell, I got bored of this arc fast! It had some nice bits, like Akari as Beethoven, but the rest was slow and exposition heavy. Plus the fight scenes all just ran together with none of them really standing out. My hopes for this show’s endgame are vanishing, like a real Ghost alright!

Rating: Both were 2 out of 5

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