Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 44 Review

Only four days remain, can Takeru save himself? Will he end up with Akari, or have it be an unresolved love like most Rider seasons? Will Makoto stop having creepy incestuous dreams about his Sister? I don’t know so I have to keep watching, thus meaning I will also continue reviewing the series …

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We start off with Team Ghost forming a plan to take out Demia’s servers as Takeru checks up on the kid that tipped them off to Demia’s effects (he was in the last episode, but had little impact on it). This immediately bears fruit as the kid (and Onari’s body’s) becomes invisible, before getting his life force drained and joining with other Demia users, but Takeru’s ill defined powers come to the rescue!

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Takeru manages to save the kid (and ONLY the kid, no one else that got drained) and rejoins with Akari at Demia’s server, where Igor is just itching to dump some “revelations” on us. Namely how, to the surprise of no one, that He and Deep Connect have been working together the whole time, Adel has fused with the Great Eye and Demia was Igor’s plan. Onari makes use of Alian’s body and become Necrom, but gets rekt by some revived Ganmisers.

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Getting owned causes Onari to get blasted back into his own body as Alian steps up with Infinite Ghost to do some real fighting as Onari laments he did it just to feel useful to Takeru (with a plain “you do contribute” speech from Akari). Miss Science manages to stop the Server, but it was for nothing as it was only the Beta server and the real server is elsewhere. Cue millions more getting drained!

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Takeru Ex Machina uses his “power” to find the server, and this results in a pretty Good Fight with Infinite Ghost, Deep Specter and Necrom kicking some ass and destroying the server… Only for Adel to appear to become the core of Demia himself.

My Thoughts:

I liked that our heroes went on a bit of a ride this episode, thinking they had won the day, only for it to have been for nothing. Then to seemingly win again and for it to not be the case for a second time. There were very good action scenes helping this episode to overcome the more lackluster plot points.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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