Marvel Legends Alpha Flight Box Set Revealed

During their 2019 Fan Expo Canada Marvel Legends Panel, Hasbro revealed a brand-new box set of Marvel Legends action figures. This box set is themed around the Canadian Mutant superhero team known as Alpha Flight. For those who are unaware, Alpha Flight debuted in Uncanny X-Men issue 120 before later getting their own series. The new box set will feature six characters from the Alpha Flight team. Two iconic members of the team were previously released in the line with Sasquatch as a build-a-figure for the first Deadpool themed wave of 2018 and Guardian (James Hudson) as a single figure in the 2019 Wendigo wave.

The set will be released as an Amazon exclusive (in all regions) on December 1 2019 for $109.99 USD (price may vary by region). The six figures included are as follows:

  • Puck (New head, previous BAF body)
  • Vindicator (Heather Hudson)
  • Aurora
  • Northstar
  • Shaman
  • Snowbird

Fans who wish to get the set when it releases can now pre-order it from Amazon now for delivery shortly after the release date.

Personally speaking, I’m beyond excited for this box set. Alpha Flight is one of the more obscure teams in the world of Marvel and seeing Hasbro finish off the main team in this way is fantastic. With Puck’s first release a whole six years ago, it’s great seeing him get released again as I missed out the first time. The Sasquatch and Guardian in recent years really made me hopeful for the rest of the team and now they’ve happened all in one big set. This is not only a great announcement for fans but also very fitting for Fan Expo Canada. 

Source: Amazon, Hasbro Pulse Instagram


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