Marvel NOW Divided Teaser Black Panther & The Prowler

Today, Marvel released a new Divided Teaser for Marvel NOW which is coming out this fall. This teaser has Black Panther and The Prowler. Many are saying these teasers are supposed to highlight the divide between superheroes. I am guessing the ramifications of Civil War Two will once again put heroes on unlikely terms with one another. Anyways, I am interested in The Prowler given that he is been a great supporting character in the Amazing Spider-Man series that is currently out. I wonder if this is supposed to highlight him getting his own series, or coming to blows with Black Panther for some reason or another.


Personally, I do not consider The Prowler to be a low rank hero. To me he is at least a solid B rank when compared to others out there but that is just me. Like always leave your theories down below. I am XBen3000 and until the next news post, I am out!

Source: Newsarama

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