Premium Bandai to Release DX Gan Gun Catcher

Kamen Rider Necrom is set to have a new weapon similar to Kamen Rider Specter’s Gan Gun Hand, called the Gan Gun Catcher which is able to use Eyecons. Now, a recent magazine scan has appeared revealing Premium Bandai will release the DX Toy version of the weapon. The Eyecon Loader DX Gan Gun Catcher is scheduled for an October release, being sold at the price of 5508 yen, and will also include two DX Eyecons: the Columbus Ghost Eyecon & the Nightingale Ghost Eyecon. Orders for the item will most likely be opening soon, so for fans seeking to purchase this item should consult their personal middleman service or online shops that carry these Premium items.

Source: The Ghouly News

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