Millennium's Mind: Power Rangers Ninja Steel 2-Part Premiere

Now, while worrying about having a roof over my head I am going try taking a look at the two part premiere of Power Rangers Ninja Steel


First off, the series has a decent start and I find it better than Dino Charge’s. Dino Charge seemed to rush the introduction, but in Ninja Steel it seems well thought out. I personally find the new theme song better, even if “Go Go Power Rangers” is still inserted. It seemingly flows well with the lyrics, as compared to the previous opening. In addition, I love the instrumental composed from Japanese pan flutes, and shamisens.


Receiving Brody’s backstory at the start of the show, was shocking. Heck, the entire opening act is that story. Now, I will not disagree that Brody seems bland, whether as a kid or the main, but to be fair this is only the beginning. One should give some leeway for things like this early on. The next ranger the viewer is introduced to is Sarah, and she is very interesting. She is a beautiful, athletic, and a genius that built her own hoverboard. Ironically enough, the hoverboard looks like her to be train “Zoom zord”, so several thought she would invent the zords. However, it is mere foreshadowing and alluding to it being destiny she is a ranger, like the others. The final ranger revealed in part one is Preston, portrayed by Peter Sudarso. Yet, what can I say about Preston that has not been said already? Well I can say he is a lovable dork, but not on the same level as Koda. His reaction on learning he would become a Power Ranger looks and feels surreal. It easily reminded of when Peter surprised Yoshi at Power Morphicon.


Now, while our Rangers are all cool. The villains had a few issues on their behalf. The main issue is the reuse of suits for the audience, and for the first combatants seen it is Hiramechimedes/ Venjix vs. Gai/ Mig. It is interesting to see the Mig suit in action again after so long, as I thought the suit would have fallen apart by now. I think the game show is an interesting framing device, because it pits monsters against each other to receive the chance to challenge the Rangers. Of course, that aspect of the Game Show doesn’t happen by episode 2, but I think it can still work with some plots. Now, I will admit that reusing the suits of main villains screws with the aspect of the continuity, but let us be fair Super MegaForce already broke continuity. Literally continuity breaking is a drinking game for Power Rangers at this point. Yet, I still suggest Ninja Steel NEVER ADAPTS THE STUPID LAWN-MOWER EPISODE. That episode, that monster, can burn in hell for all I care.


Heading into Episode 2, we get more of Haley and Calvin, who were not seen as much in the last episode. Haley and Calvin are for the first time ever in a preexisting relationship. Haley also has a pet wolf named Kodi; being a dog person myself I love it. Haley and Calvin quickly encounter Mick, protecting him from Galvanax’s KudaBots, doing a damn good job of such, even using the Kudabot weapons too. The supporting characters, Victor and Monty, the nerd and jock duo are terrible. I just do not enjoy these guys at all. Whereas, Mick on the other hand is great because it is none other than veteran Ranger actor, Kelson Henderson! He is an alien able to transform into object, which provides comedic substance as well as knows the legend of the Ninja Nexus Prism. However, his knowledge of the Ninja Nexus Prism is phoned in.


The presentation of the zords is confusing to most fans. The Nexus Prism shows the Rangers a vision of the zords which are manifestations of things closest to the Rangers. However, in actuality they are not the items are alluding to the Rangers’ destinies, so Robobot does not become the RoboRed-Zord or Sarah’s hoverboard is not the Zoom-Zord.


In conclusion, the Power Rangers franchise is becoming an expanding multiverse. I commend this change, since it changes the constant on going canon. Overall Ninja Steel’s premiere is a respectable B+, when it comes to introducing a new addition, as it is definite step in the right direction following Dino Super Charge. Even its rating prove that, so it shows that interest has been rekindled. That is still probably because of Judd Lynn too. Whatever the real answer is, I pray that this will continue to improve and grow! Anyways, I am ZeltraxMillennium and now I got to continue the hunt for new home. I will be back, once everything has settled, or when find the time to return with a brand new Millennium’s Mind!

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