[Official Images] Mini-Pla Mashin Gattai Series 01 Kiramajin

Recently, Bandai’s official Candy Toy site updated with information regarding the first Mini-Pla release for Mashin Sentai Kirameiger. Titled Mini-Pla Mashin Gattai Series (Magical Combine Series) the first release will feature all five Majin vehicles which form the main mecha, Kiramajin. For those unaware, Mashin Sentai Kirameiger is the next Super Sentai series, which will succeed Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger in March. The Kirameigers partners are the magical stones and vehicles referred to as the Majin: Fire, Mach, Shovelo, Jetta, Heliocopter. In the series, all five combine to become Kiramajin, but other options include Fire, Mach and Shovelo forming Land Mage. Whereas, Jetta and Helicopter combine to form an auxiliary mecha called, Sky Mage. Thankfully, the Mini-Pla release will also be able to recreate the various forms and combinations, even though the official gallery (seen below) omits the Kiramei Stone modes.

Mashin Gattai Series 01 consists of:

  • Majin Fire A
  • Majin Fire B
  • Majin Fire C with Land Mage head
  • Majin Mach & Shovelo
  • Majin Jetta
  • Majin Helio (Helicopter) with Kiramajin head


Now, Mini-Pla Mashin Gattai Series 01 Kiramajin will be sold at retail in two ways: the first option is a single box set for 2160 yen, while the second option is through the basic case assortments. Both options will be available for fans to purchase in March. However, pre-orders are expected to open at various online retailers soon.

In addition, Bandai is running a Lucky Draw campaign for fans to obtain the Clear Version of Mini-Pla Mashin Gattai Kiramajin. The campaign will require fans purchasing various Kirameiger Candy Toy products to acquire stamps/ stickers to then mail-away to enter the giveaway; if customers obtain a specific stamp/ sticker they will be guaranteed the product. The campaign will run until April 30, 2021 with ultimately 2000 winners being able to receive this cool prize!


Source: Bandai Candy

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