Gundam Fan Gathering: Heirs to Gundam Event Announced

The official Gundam website announced that they will be holding another Gundam Fan Gathering event titled, Heirs to Gundam. The event will focus on the upcoming animated film, Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway; it is the first entry in a trilogy of films adapting series creator, Yoshiyuki Tomino’s manga, Hathaway’s Flash. The event will officially reveal the cast of the film, a new trailer, a behind the scenes ‘making of’ video, and a cast discussion session. In addition, the event will feature Toru Furuya voice of Amuro Ray, as a special guest host. Furthermore, a ‘staff T-shirt’ will be distributed as a limited time gift for attendees. However, the t-shirt will be released later, but its release information has not been provided.

Advance ticket sales for the event will begin to be sold on Wednesday, February 5. Whereas, ticket sales will run until February 16. Ticket prices are 2000 yen per seat, and customers can buy a maximum of four tickets. Furthermore, children to be consider a preschooler and under are not permitted. Nevertheless, the Gundam Fan Gathering: Heirs to Gundam event will be hosted at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo on March 24. So, in less than 60 days, Gundam fans will learn who are the heirs to the legacy of the Universal Century.



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