[Official Images] S.H.Figuarts King Joe STORAGE Custom

Over the weekend, Tamashii Nations announced that they will be releasing the previously teased S.H.Figuarts King Joe STORAGE Custom. However, along with the announcement it was confirmed that this item’s release would be through Premium Bandai. Now, for those unaware, this figure is based on the mecha kaiju, King Joe, who made its debut in Ultraseven. Yet, during the character’s reappearance in Ultraman Z, it was destroyed and rebuilt by the anti-kaiju team STORAGE. As a result, this rebuilt and modified version of King Joe received the suffix STORAGE Custom for its new upgrades.


Then as for the figure, S.H.Figuarts King Joe Storage Custom is an extensive redesign of the original S.H.Figuarts King Joe. However, unlike the original figure released in 2017, this version of the figure actually comes with an accessory. Surprisingly, the featured accessory is an optional left arm to recreate the full extension effects of the Pedanium Hammer. Anyway, below is the official gallery for this item as provided by Tamashii Nations:

Pre-orders for S.H.Figuarts King Joe STORAGE Custom are currently available on Premium Bandai. Whereas, orders for this figure are priced at 8580 yen, and they are scheduled to release in March 2022. So, for those interested in purchasing this figure, they should contact their preferred middleman service now for more details.


Source: Premium Bandai

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