Oscar Isaac Tapped To Star in Marvel’s “Moon Knight”

Deadline has reported that Oscar Isacc is tapped to star as the lead role in Marvel’s Moon Knight. For those who are not aware, Moon Knight is one of the various series that will be based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will be streaming exclusively on Disney+. As reported earlier that Jeremy Slater is set to write the series, however currently no director has been confirmed for the project at this time.

In the comics, Marc Spector was once a boxer who eventually became a CIA agent and a mercenary. After being betrayed by his former employer, Raoul Bushman, and almost dies. In his moments near death, the Egyptian Moon God Khnonshu approached him and gave him a second chance in live. By becoming his avatar on Earth he was given superpowers. After returning to the United States, he became the crimefighter known as “Moon Knight.”

No other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for more updates.

Source: Deadline



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