Pokémon Sun & Moon June Overview

With the recent Coro Coro leak for Pokémon Sun and Moon, and all these trailers released within the past two months, let’s all sit back and have a discussion on all the current news about the games. I will be breaking it down into two parts, first off the Pokémon, and then the world of Alola.


When talking about the seventh generation’s Pokémon, it is best to start off with the Starters a player can choose. Since Grass is normally the first of the three types one can choose from, I will be starting off with Rowlet, the Grass Quill Pokémon. The design of this little dude is actually quite nice, giving it quite an “intelligent” look. I kind of expect it to evolve into some professor themed Pokémon or a college “cap and gown” motif. Its main ability is the obvious starter grass ability Overgrow, but I can see its hidden move being Adaptability or Keen Eye depending on its evolution. As of right now it seems to be the most popular of the three Alola Starters, but that could easily change as time goes on. The most unique part about it, is that it is the first dual type starter, as well as it is the newest Grass/Flying type since Shaymin’s Sky Forme in Gen IV. Next up is Litten, the Fire Cat Pokémon. Unlike Rowlet, Litten is a pure Fire type, and has the standard ability Blaze. With its feline motif moody gaze, I could see it getting a hidden ability to go with it such as Anger Point, or Fur Coat, the last one depending on its evolution line. I feel this way about Fur Coat because I could see this guy growing up into a large Sabertooth themed Pokémon with a thick fur coat, maybe one that could protect it from extreme heats of Volcano’s which goes well with the location that Alola is based on. The current theory with this little guy is that it’ll probably become a Fire/Dark, which would be nice, though some speculate Fire/Ground. Honestly I’d rather not have an x4 weakness to water, so Fire/Dark would be much more appreciated. Lastly from the Starters we have what can be either the most fans favorite, or most hated of the trio, depending on who one is talking to, Popplio, the Sea Lion Pokémon. Much like Litten, this is a mono Water type who shares the water starter ability Torrent. Though when it hits its third stage I could see its hidden ability being Hydration, Rain Dish, Drizzle, or if the theory about its later evolution’s gaining the “Fairy” type is true, I could see it get Magic Guard, or Pixilate. Many fans are speculating on the Fairy typing due to it having access to “Disarming Voice”, as we saw in the recent E3 trailer that revealed Free for All battle types. I’m pretty much of 2 faces when it comes to how this thing could look when it evolves. With the large clown nose it has, I feel it’ll become more Clown/Circus themed, which honestly I do not want to see, if only because of my disdain for clowns. The other way I can see it going is some large, powerful Sea Lion looking creature, this would go well with the other fan theory that it’ll be Water/Fighting, which would be a very cool and unique typing as the only other pokemon to share this typing are Gen I Poliwrath, and Gen V Keldeo. Honestly this one is my least favorite of the three, but depending on its later evolutions my opinions could change.


Moving on to one of the other Pokémon revealed after the Starters is Iwanko, whose name could change, the Puppy Pokémon. The unique thing about this little guy is he is a mono Rock type, which is rather cool. I like its unique fur collar design it has, especially with the rock spikes. Its abilities are Keen Eye, and Vital Spirits, the second being quite interesting when compared to the ability of the Mon that was revealed alongside it. I can see this guy getting a probable 1 stage evolution that makes it a much meaner looking dog, possibly a Dual Rock/Ground typing added as most Rock types end up getting, or something more interesting like Rock/Dark, which is only used so far by Gen II’s Tyranitar. If it becomes a Rock/Dark type I can see it gaining a thick, stony pelt with a black mark across its eyes like a mask perhaps, with sharp claws, maybe giving it access to the “Tough Claws” ability for a hidden ability. Following Iwanko is Nekkoala, again English name is unknown so it has a chance of changing. This guy’s a Mono Normal type, and is known as the Dreaming Pokémon. Its only current known ability is Sure Sleeper, which makes it quite a scary Pokémon depending on if its evolutions. The Sure Sleeper ability prevents it from being hit with any status effect (ones that add a status marker to your health bar… as far as most of us are guessing as of right now) other than sleep. So if this guy becomes a bulky tank by its second or third evolution it could definitely be a threat.


Then straight out of E3 2016, three more Pokémon were revealed in the newest trailer and the first from them was Pikipek, the Woodpecker Normal/Flying bird Pokémon. It is basically the Alola region’s Pidgey clone. Its abilities are the usual bird themed ability Keen Eye, as well as the not so normal Skill Link. Having Skill Link however, makes sense when one thinks about the fact that woodpeckers are known for their rapid head movement when it comes to hitting trees, so I’m interested in seeing what they’ll do with this, and hopefully we get a new flying type multi-hit attack aside from the causally used Fury Attack. I’m also wondering if it’ll be a three stage evolution like most, or perhaps become a two stage Pokémon similar to Spearow, and Taillow. The next reveal was the mongoose, Yungoos the Loitering Pokémon. It is the Normal type early route Pokémon, pretty much the Sentret/Zigzagoon clone pretty much. Its Abilities are Strong Jaw, and a new ability called Stakeout, which seems to allow it to deal twice, as much damage to any Pokémon that’s switched into battle or enters the field mid-battle, which is interesting and scary. I’m just wondering what this thing will become later, as its design leave much to be desired from right now. Lastly out of the standard Mons, is another early route Bug Pokémon, Grubbin the Larva Pokémon. It is like I said the standard Caterpie/Weedle-like early bug, but going by its information it seems it’ll have some tricks up its sleeve as it grows, as it states on the Pokémon Sun and Moon website that “Grubbin loves electricity, which is why it can be found near power plants and substations.” This leads many to suspect that it’ll evolve into a Bug/Electric type as time progresses. I’d love to see where it goes from there, as our only other bug electric, Galvantula, is one of my favorite designs.


To conclude the Pokémon Segment, I have to talk about the legendaries starting with Sogaleo, the Sunne Pokémon from Pokémon Sun. Its design is rather interesting, as I honestly wasn’t expecting a Lion. It is a Psychic/Steel typing also leaves much to be desired, but it’s a lot better than its cover mate that I’ll get into later. Its ability, Full Metal Body, prevents stat reductions, which is basically a clear body/white smoke clone. Its signature move Sunsteel Strike, which can disregard the target’s abilities, so no matter what it’ll hit. It also has a form change, but outside of appearances we don’t know what it does. Then there is Pokémon Moon’s signature mon, Lunala the Moone Pokémon. Lunala is Ghost/Psychic, which means it takes 4x the damage from Ghost and Dark type moves… thanks Gamefreak. Its ability is Shadow Shield, which makes it take less damage from attacks that hit if it’s at full HP, which seems like it can get dirty with having the move Recover (if it can learn it), or any other mean’s to heal it on your turn. Like Solgaleo, its signature attack disregards the target’s abilities and has a forme change. Lastly out of the Alola Legendaries revealed there is Magearna the Artificial Pokémon. It was created by mysterious geniuses 500 years ago… great story. It is a Steel/Fairy type with the Soul-Heart ability which basically increases its special attack by one stage whenever a Pokémon is KO’ed. Its signature attack is called Fleur Cannon, but other than that we don’t know much about it. Also the seventh generation of the Pokémon games will allow players to obtain Zygarde somehow; specifically its 10% and Complete Formes. The 10% form has an ability that auto changes it to its Complete Forme when its’ HP is low.


Now, I will be talking about the Alola region as a whole, and some unique features about it. Starting off is the Pokédex that players get in Alola, which is rather cool as it houses a Rotom. The Rotom Dex is capable of talking to players, and seems to be able to translate Pokémon cries. It has a QR reader ability which will let players scan specific QR Codes to unlock Pokémon locations in the Dex to make easier to locate and capture them. It’ll also be basically the bottom screen in the game from how it seems in the trailer, acting as the menu and the Map. Alola, as most already know is based off the islands of Hawaii, so traveling will be water based to and from each island, though if one looks at map above, it seems at least for the starting Island that traveling into tall grass to catch Pokémon may be optional. This leads several to believe traveling from one town to the next will be for the majority clear paths. This is of course is still mindless speculation, but it could be the case, and would be very interesting change to the series.


Pokémon Sun and Moon are launching this November, and I could not be any more hyped for it. I’ll be definitely picking up both versions of the games, and can’t wait to see what adventures await in the far off land of Alola. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you all enjoy the games when they are released.


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