Power Rangers' 2017 Movie Megazord Revealed

Well today must be our lucky day, as earlier Funimation confirmed they will release Dragon Ball Super and now the official Power Rangers Facebook page revealed the 2017 movie Megazord! Now, this image is not of the Megazord concept design or on-screen presentation of the robot, but of the upcoming Interactive Megazord figure which features LEDs, Sounds, and 2″ Ranger figures. No release date, or price has been confirmed for this product, but from the image alone it has the fandom conflicted. What I can say is that while people enjoy the design of Megazord, several like myself see this design as too much of an actual hero suit and not a robot. I practically call it the unforeseen love child between an Ultraman and a Ryukendo character, whereas other call it the Megazord Battlizer. Never the less, I really look forward to see how the Deluxe 2017 Movie Megazord pulls off this design! Yet, I will continue to question its super robot humanly figure…

Interactive Megazord

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