Review Transformers Platinum Combiner Wars Liokaiser

Hello Hero Club, this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review. Today we will be looking at the Platinum Combiner Wars Liokaiser box set.  Out of all the box sets Hasbro has released within the last year, the release of Liokaiser is in my opinion the most insane. Seeing as the character was never reused outside of Transformers Victory it was shocking to see Hasbro actually release an updated version of the combiner. However, sadly it does suffer from some major faults. One being that two characters being omitted from the set which is especially sad since Leozack could have easily been the main body. Another issue is that my copy of Killbison/ Iron Bison suffered from a major QC issue that causes the head to fall apart, which I find extremely disappointing. In conclusion it is still great to see an updated version of the character especially since Takara has yet to reissue or make a new version of the character even to this day so this is the best articulated version of Liokaiser at this point. I got this from Amazon.

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