Review: Ultraman Geed DX Ultra Capsule Fusion Rise Set

Here we go again, as I look at the next item I purchased in the Ultraman Geed toy-line. This review is on the DX Ultra Capsule Fusion Rise Set that was teased in the DX Geed Riser Review. Now, the Fusion Rise Set is the first in the series, and all sets that follow are shown to contain four capsules. These sets will contain two Ultra Capsules, and two Kaiju Capsules. The Fusion Rise Set’s focuses mostly on the Data Carddass Ultra Fusion Fight exclusive Belial Fusion-Beast, MagaMaga Arch Belial. This kaiju is the fusion of Maga Orochi from Ultraman Orb, and Belial’s monster form, Arch Belial. Whereas, the Ultra portion of the set does not create a new form for Geed. Yet, it does tease that Ultraman Zero Luna Miracle can be used for future Fusion Rise. However, that Fusion Rise is also an exclusive form to the Ultra Fusion Fight game.

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