RRPG Two-Cents: Is Super Mario Odyssey Overrated?

This game has been getting crazy, and raving reviews since its release! Yet, there are those who consider the game to be largely overrated. The game I am speaking of is Super Mario Odyssey, then one can obvious see that it is from the title. Today, I am to solve the debate question of is Super Mario Odyssey overrated, or do players actually get what they wanted? That “wanted” I am referring to is a true successor to Super Mario 64; at least that is what I have been told that is what gamers have been holding out for. Hopefully, this video can settle that argument! Furthermore, this is a video response to RGT85, who also discussed the same predicament that this game is receiving. I insist people should also go watch RGT85’s video too.  Anyways, enjoy my two-cents on Super Mario Odyssey, and the debate on if it is overrated!

Cinematic Dragons Intro create by Voxyde

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